Tuesday, 24 February 2009

something kinda blue, jumpin on my tutu

how could we go away for the weekend & not indulge in a teeny weeny bit of shopping? we spent a day at bicester village, not too far from oxford & home to the designer outlet malls. anyone coming into london with a day to spare, i highly recommend going to bicester. it's about 2hrs train ride from london & you can find fantastic bargains, samples & past season collections from designers ranging from alexander mcqueen, paul smith, burberry, dior, bally, ferragamo etc etc. they even have a samsonite store for the excess luggage needs! in summary, this is the premier designer outlet stop, & it is dangerous!

surprising to say, amongst the six of us, i did the least damage! my friends bought anya hindmarch's handbags, smythson clutch bag, tods shoes, fcuk apparels, aquascutum apparels, ferragamo accessories, agent provocateur lingerie (she won't tell, but i am thinking nipple tassels! spice up your life!!) etc etc. me? i bought yet another bag! a blue perforated leather bag (70% off!!) & python leather coin case (think it's a sample, i got it for £9 !!) from london designer bill amberg, & a pair of handmade glass beaded cufflinks from stratford upon avon, shakespeare's birthplace. in fact, that shop is opposite shakespeare's house!

we blasted coldplay and sang along to lady gaga in the car. all is full of love. we love weekend trips!


  1. oh, it's so lovely! and that coin purse is such a steal

  2. I love that blue bag:-) It's one of the hit colours of the season. Nice eye:-P

    And I wanna go to the outlets too! such good deals.

    Happy week! Glad you had a wonderful weekend trip.

    Yes, we love orange! Alvin and I are waiting for our third 'Zippy coin purse' member...so we can be the zippy triplets. You can still beat Mark(freshmess) to it by getting the green:-P

  3. beautiful things: thanks :) that coin purse is da bomb! but i am kinda scared using it

    kev: the outlet mall is fantastic, & who doesn't like bargains! the zippy coin purse is rather expensive i feel (i know its odd coming from me who lugged home the keepall!). you guys can be triplets, i have a feeling i have a twin in aussie land!!!!

  4. the red cotton lining in that brief is siiiick. i love popping accents like that. and 70%? damn, yu really DO know how to shop. luuuucky.

  5. "blue perforated leather with red cotton lining" I completely swoon.

  6. @ Joe - I love the stark contrast of the blue leather and the red lining. Excellent pick. The python leather coin case is nice, too.

    P.S. I do love your product styling!

    @ Kev - Disturbia hasn't hit me yet, so the twins may have to hang on a little bit.

    I can't wait for DD's reveal!

  7. envy...
    i want that bag!

  8. I think we are all just waiting for Mr Duck's reveal now, for when he shops, he SHOPS!

    Love the brief too Joe!

  9. I think I should give the place a visit, especially when my lazy ass has yet to explore any place outside the M25. Splendid purchases and I absolutely love what you got going on with the font and photographs. Awesome work.

  10. It amazes me how you always seem to find great bargains, now if only I had the same luck.


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