Sunday, 15 March 2009

the balenciaga effect

there was a rather peculiar phenomenon at the recent paris fall winter 2009 shows. not one, not two, but three models who walked the balenciaga show was being photographed outside various shows wearing the balenciaga fall winter 2004 goat haired lined aviator coat. it's not surprising that models are gifted clothes by designers and fashion houses in hope they will be photographed in it and help sell their wares, but a coat from 2004? is balenciaga gifting old stock to their favourite girls, or is this a re-issue?

interesting to me, because my balenciaga spring summer 2008 aviator coat is seemingly inspired by that collection: the same fabric and color choice, down to the asymmetric zips. either way i love them all, the coats, the models, nicholas ghesquiere, balenciaga!



  1. Sent you an e-mail about some Burberry Prorsum that you might be interested in!

  2. this jacket is probably a Balenciaga mainstay now. and why wouldn't it? its great!

  3. Posted as if wearing a piece from 2004 is a problem? It's a great coat, and probably coincidence that several people brought it out simultaneously (I imagine any gifting occurred closer to 2004 than 2009).

  4. it's a great coat and nothing wrong with wearing something from 2004, but too much of a coincidence that all 3 decided to wear the same coat within the same fashion week. there just don't seem to be a logical reason why they would do so, hence i find it odd.

  5. Balenciaga jacket is a great investment


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