Tuesday, 24 March 2009

balenciaga fall winter 2007 men's map print silk scarves

everybody deserves a second chance. and that's why i love yoox.com. these silk scarves were from balenciaga men's fall winter 2007 collection, which i've probably raved 87929 times that it's my absolute favourite. i saw the scarves back then and they were a joy to behold. i let it passed as i didn't know what to do with them.

balenciaga "tbilisi map" silk screened scarf, £95. 100% silk, measuring 59cm x 59cm, the scarf is printed on both sides. this was released back then with four different map prints, and this is my favourite: tbilisi - the capital and the largest city of the republic of georgia.

balenciaga "tabriz map" silk screened scarf, £95. tabriz is the capital of east azarbaijan province, lying at an altitude of 1,350 meters above sea level and is the second largest city in iran.

it might not be noticeable, but the scarves were actually featured in the fall winter 2007 lookbook. i thought of getting the scarf and styling it like that, but it seems such a waste to not show the scarf as it is.

"& silk scarves printed with old maps were so romantic as to compel a re-examination of the rest of the collection. was there also a kind of romance in the lavaliere ties on evening shirts?" ~fashion maven tim blanks' review of above collection.

i really really like the scarves. second chance coming, i still love it but again don't know what to do with it, it's just a tad small.

does size matters, or how you use it that's more important?


  1. wow i like that scarf
    though iono bout wearing it
    i'd keep taking it off to show ppl the details

  2. Too beautiful to just walk away from Joe... get one at least!

  3. The second outfit posted is absolutely outstanding! Great post!s

  4. i love how they wore them with those shirts buttoned up! so chic and unexpected... and sexual lol

  5. i like these too. very tempting.

  6. these are exquisite. get it get it!
    yoox is cool.

  7. they're sold out. i hope you bought two. one for me!!!

  8. yea they're sold out! they've been there for a few weeks already i sure hope it's sold out because i blogged about it :D

  9. My friend at Mission to Murse told me about your blog and I've fallen in love with it. I am painfully in LOVE these scarves. I want one with all my heart! I think I would try to tie it around my purse handle or something... but even that wouldn't show off its beauty!

  10. thanks TLT! the scarves are great but sold out within a short while, i guess men and women all went for it hehe!

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