Wednesday, 4 March 2009

bottega veneta fall winter 2008 penny loafer

incidentally, this is my 400th post! anyhoo, i am so excited by this pair of shoes, i've long wanted it and finally i found it, reduced by 50% too! the bottega veneta fall winter 2008 penny loafers!

i love Love LOVE the mahogany brown color, it will go well with my navy and grey work trousers (i never wear black trousers to work, and as a rule, black shoes with black trousers only...)

the workmanship is stunning, the toe area is more rounded than pointy for comfort

even the leather soles were painted in the same shade, i cannot bear to scratch the soles any further

the high gloss calf leather makes for a sleek and stylish finish. i really love it!!!

one last lingering look before it goes back into the box

am so glad it came with a dust bag for each shoe, that to me is a luxury. attention to details is important, having the shoes in their individual dustbag reduces the risk of them scratching each other whilst travelling.

if i could suggest an area for improvement: they should really upgrade that shoe box. packaging really sells, i don't mind paying a few bucks more but i would like the shoes to be presented in a much more luxurious box. think hermes' or vuitton's drawer style shoe boxes.

"find a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck
find a penny let it lay and all day long you’ll have bad luck
put the penny in your shoe, and good luck will come to you
give a penny to a friend and your luck will never end"

now who wants a penny?


  1. The colour is just gorgeous!!! Congrats! :)

  2. really striking color, lussssh. congrats again!
    i love the way you photograph and style your goodies. mmmmm. :)

  3. bb: yes get a pair this is a classic!

    niz: thank you :D i love the color!

    fm: thanks :D
    gotta make things look appealing for myself ha!

  4. I am loving the color and the shape. I need that color in my closet!!

  5. sigh...i m getting old:-)i wore this kind of shoes in my student days(many years ago...),along with the pringle pullovers,tweed jackets and fraternity club keeps repeating itself

  6. Don't think we have in Singapore though, never did see it before...

  7. Another great purchase. They are so nice. Great pictures, too. I tried them on at Brown's, but no, I didn't get them because they didn't fit me well. But I did go to the Bottega boutique on Bond St. and got me something... I'll let you know when I post the pics. :P BTW, I really enjoyed being in London and was lucky that it didn't rain when I was there.

  8. I like this pair! very nice colour.

    and also your friend's Hudson perforated shoe from your other post...where he get them?:-P


  9. i like! the rich oxblood tone is just so luxe. i was thinking, since we have the same shoe size..... hehehehe


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