Saturday, 14 March 2009

c00o00kies & cream

been so so busy this week at work, and haven't been feeling 100% well too. the throat's a bit sore and the lips a bit dry. we need a very good night's sleep.

happy weekends :)


  1. Feel better, Joe !
    I was supposed to go to NYC this weekend for a birthday party and a bit of shopping but I'm feeling a bit under the weather myself- the shops can wait. I'll catch up on some decorating, save a few pennies and spend some long overdue quality time with mum & Baron (who says hello, by the way) :D
    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. get well dear Joe! We need OOoOO out in the world shopping and spending. It's makes the world a more enjoyable place.
    I'm sending love from LA for a quick recovery. Stay warm, you friend and shop ally, The Recessionista! MH

  3. christopher: thanks, seeing baron's pics makes me feel warm and fuzzy already!

    dr debonaire / mh / newman: thank you :D

  4. Get well soon. Try a dose of tea and sympathy. I'm slowly getting hooked by your blog. Thanks for sharing!


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