Thursday, 12 March 2009

cruising around

been very busy at work this week, not much time to myself, to reply to very kind emails, to ponder about life in general. but on the way home i did think about... shoes. i have enough dress shoes (do i?), and i quite like a pair of casual slip ons which i can wear with shorts when the weather lightens up.


base henley boat shoes in red and white leather, £54.99

h by hudson sunseeker leather boat shoes, £59.99

these are nice, but at most mediocre. ok, bit harsh but why take the ferry across the river when you can take your friend's yatch.


salvatore ferragamo cinnamon & white, red crust & white, leather boat loafers, £225

these look amazing and am sure they are equally comfortable (i have four pairs of ferragamo shoes, speaking from experience!). you might laugh, but i was in deep thoughts in the shower earlier, choosing between the cinnamon or red crust version. the price seems reasonable too.


bottega veneta barcelona tri colored loafers, £345

and of course my very first love, which as much as i like it, i can't justify getting it on full price.

hmm ponder ponder. & it's fridayyy!


  1. i like the bottega and the ferragamo's they're amazingggg

  2. i think the cash ones look a little too old...
    i was going to say go for the red SFs, but i cant argue with the blue BVs. maybe you'll luck out and get them on sale like you did the penny loafers.

  3. How abt tods suede loaders?
    just a suggestion.

  4. I really want to love boat shoes, but . . . I just can't seem to get into them. Thanks for posting anyway!

  5. And when all else fails (or is too expensive), there is always the Kate Spade Boatshoe Keyfob!

  6. like the ferragamo. am considering the Paul smith's one or the YSL babylone ones. Just waiting closer to summer :)

  7. i like the base henley s. simple yet elegant and with the money saved you can buy some nice tod s loafers in the forthcomming summer sale:-)

  8. I love the boat shoes! I just hope we'll have more of these shoes available in Manila. WE may not be a yachting/boating nation, but these shoes are good in rainy season (4-6 mos/yr).


  9. HOMG Guys, where can i get one of these "h by hudson sunseeker leather boat shoes"? Can someone please help me!! Please please please! Everywhere is out of stock =( and I'm from Malaysia

  10. i want this shoes

    salvatore ferragamo cinnamon & white, red crust & white, leather boat loafers,

  11. I CAN'T FIND THIS!!! I know it's 2013 and this was back in 09 but I need to know where to find the exact Ferragamo red/white model :( all I can find is the two-tone mango tie driver.. *sigh*


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