Tuesday, 31 March 2009

diesel fall winter 2009/2010 showcase part one

i was invited to the press viewing of the diesel fall winter 2009/2010 collection at their showroom in kings cross today! it was amazing, i was like a kid in a candy shop, there's so much to see! never thought i'll be a diesel kind of guy, but i was really pleasantly surprised. there were a few pieces that i definitely want to get. more to come in part two shortly!

here are some pics from the amazing showroom:
music plays a big part in this collection. "kind of blue" by miles davies, one of the greatest jazz recordings of all time was the particular track which fuelled their improvisation and modernity.

how cosmic, the PR rep recognised me as i was carrying my blue bill amberg bag!

totally whimsical! more to come in part two where i'll show you some of my picks from the stellar collection!


  1. That showroom is indeed whimsical. Nice! I want some of those coats!

  2. I like how they use different corners from different frames for the brand:-P Cute.

    Nice presentation. Did you buy anything from the evening?

  3. fm: the coats were delectable! watch out for part 2 i took some pics of the coats!

    kev: it was more of a press viewing day than shopping preview! lovely PR talked me through the collection etc :)

  4. hey,dude... i am new in ur blog...luv to check it each day... :)

  5. When I was in Paris I was more impressed with the Diesel store than I had anticipated. I especially love their "antiqued" canvas and leather bags, which are really great. (They are in your photo in front of the drum kit.) Thanks! Love your blog.

  6. Belts! Ohnoes, want more Diesel belts...


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