Tuesday, 17 March 2009

dunhill stirling silver headlamp cufflinks and iguana skin belt

i stumbled upon the dunhill warehouse sale on monday, and decided to check out if the pair of cufflinks i've always wanted is on sale or not. and like how the universe works, it was really on sale:

the cufflinks were made to resemble the headlights of cars from the 20's and 30's, and comes in several colors. these stirling silver sufflinks were reduced by 65%, i guess patience do pay off. i have over 40pairs of cufflinks, but this is only my second pair made with stirling silver.

with my quest to acquire more exotic skin items, i came across this iguana skin belt. i love the texture, and paired with the polished buckle the belt looks very sleek and stylish. i've yet to decide if dad or myself is keeping this, which was reduced by 70%. poor lizard died a cheap death.

ok too many pics, but i also bought a bag too, which was reduced by 65%. i tell you, it's crazy!

ok technically i am saving money by buying things on sale right?

ok laters


what's he wearing?