Tuesday, 17 March 2009

ed westwick and barneys host event in honour of christopher bailey

these are moments i wish i live in new york city. gossip boy ed westwick and fashion superstore barneys hosted an event in honour of burberry's creative director christopher bailey on monday night. over 200 guests attended the cocktail event, and most were decked out or dressed by burberry! lucky them!

ed westwick and the maestro christopher bailey, both in burberry. loving ed's scarf and christopher's tussled blond locks!

zanna roberts with fashion features editor derek blasberg. i am so loving derek's trench, it fitted so well. love the matching belt and glasses, and his shirt looks very familiar, i've seen it somewhere before...

derek blasberg with the amazingly chic mary-kate olsen

mary-kate olsen, dj of the night nate loman, christopher bailey and derek blasberg.

the event looks fun and amazing (i mean, an olsen was there!!), hope i can gatecrash the london event if there's one!



what's he wearing?