Monday, 16 March 2009

exploring other luxury leather goods company - part 1 of 2 : valextra

the first of a two part series, to look at other luxury goods makers besides hermes and vuitton which i lust and loathe at times. valextra is a milan based luxury leather goods company, quietly honing their craft since 1937. despite not having logos or monograms of any sort adorning the exterior of their bags, their distinct clean lines and architectural/angular cuts make their wares instantly recognisable. their price point is between vuitton and hermes, some say why pay so much for something rather plain looking? well this is the kind of luxury that is whispered, not shouted.

i really like this wallet, smart yet functional and notes doesn't have to be folded to create extra bulk. and because it's a long wallet one can't place them on the back trouser pockets (which one should never really do). wallets should always go in bags or the inner chest pockets of suits/coats.

men's wallets doesn't have to be complicated and fussy, and i am really liking the clean simple lines.

the very stylish notebooks, if only i have that much to scribble about.

when travelling we wouldn't want our wallets to be shouting out to others, hence the discreet black embossed leather front. however the inside of the travel wallet is such a work of art. it also features a removable passport holder. i would love one of those.

the 00o00h so covetable computer case. everything just reeks pure luxury. imagine toting this to work, and everyone knows it looks expensive but can't quite pinpoint where it's from. i love it.

i love valextra! luxury yet classic pieces that withstand the test of time.



  1. i like the design of valextra. i prefer most things to be a bit anonymous and discreet.

  2. that's kind of one of my issues w/luxury things
    i want to buy it b/c it looks good
    not b/c it has the Louis Vuitton, or the Hermes logo all over it
    and when one does own a luxury good that has the LV or Hermes logo, the issue comes up, are you buying it b/c of the the brand, or b/c it's a fine piece of luxury?
    this i love
    b/c it's beautiful, but like you said, people wonder where you got it

  3. Valextra is dreamy, I love the cream white stuff BUT it must be quite high maintenance because it would start to look really bad if it got discoloured, which would be quite likely with heavy use.

  4. MH, I love it--the kind of luxury that is whispered, not shouted. What an exquisite line.

  5. It is truly a gorgeous line... I was in Hong Kong visiting their boutique and nearly peed in my pants!

  6. i really like their white goods.

  7. The travel document/passport holder looks great!


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