Monday, 16 March 2009

exploring other luxury leather goods company - part 2 of 2 : delvaux

in the second series to look at some of the other luxury leather goods makers, i wanted to feature one of belgian's finest yet one that is hardly known by most around the world. delvaux is established since 1829, way before it's peers vuitton and goyard, 1854 and 1853 respectively. i recognise that older doesn't mean wiser, just that this family owned business, which is such a rarity these days, hasn't embarked on their global domination just yet. i only knew about delvaux when i was in belgium last year, and i so so so wanted to take home the below newspaper bag, if not for the price tag on it. if i remember correctly it's in excess of Eur1,200.

the leather straps at the front isn't sewn on completely, and a gap allows the wall street professionals to display their financial times or wall street journals, while keeping their hands free for their iphones or the all important cup of starbucks caffeine.

yes it's a box standard brief, but all the more difficult to get it right. this is the ultimate manbag for work, stylish professional yet not stuffy. the brown piece is divine (ok i admit the newspaper makes a lot of styling difference. if i do buy it, i would get a copy of their local papers and place that at the front, a good reminder of where you get it from and what date). this is another piece of luxury that is whispered, and get passer bys whispering to each other "where did he get that bag from?".

the name itself is enough to keep me intrigued: conseil secret. james bond would be impressed, and my boss would too.

and then there are the classic weekenders, interpreted in various ways by the different houses. the suede version is just delicious.

stocklists for delvaux is rare. they have several shops dotted around belgium, but no other flagships in europe. colette in paris stocks a small selection of it, and delvaux also have a small selection for sale on their eshop.

it gets me excited when i talk about labels and things like that!



what's he wearing?