Monday, 2 March 2009

february recap

it is rather scary when i put things like that in perspective, but here's what i've accumulated in february (i should keep tabs monthly, helps keep us sane!):

bottega veneta spring summer 2009 vichy silk tie

louis vuitton 2009 stephen sprouse tribute orange graffiti keepall

bottega veneta spring summer 2009 ash coated sardegna canvas vachette tote

H&M x comme des garcons fall winter 2008 canvas sneakers

louis vuitton fall winter 2008 "plan" silk scarf

two pairs of YMC fall winter 2008 gingham print canvas plimsoles

bill amberg blue perforated leather brief and pythin skin coin case, antica murrina glass beaded cufflinks

bottega veneta fall winter 2008 shoes...

total spent above...: GBP1,074
not bad huh?

i had a credit note from louis vuitton and that paid for the graffiti keepall, and the four pairs of shoes above, like 99% of my other shoes, were bought on sale. as much as i like a lot of the new season shoes, including some of vuitton's shoes which never get marked down, i can't justify getting them as i get lots of nice shoes during end of season sales, shoes that are classic and last me for a long time.

we are in the midst of a recession, got to make the dollar stretch further! saying that, i've spent quite a bit in february, so i should rein myself in and be frugal in march.

happy shopping!


  1. Recap indeed! I did the same (almost the same) and scared myself enough not to spend in March...

  2. How many bags does one man need??? Can't wait to see the Bottega shoes.

  3. im very surprised, i thought you would have spent so much more! pas mal at all. i gotta say my favorites are the blue perforated brief and the floorplan scarf. what a tease! i cant wait to see the new shoes.

    i have to really thank you. my 1st love in fashion was originally menswear. so when i look through here it reminds me of why i loved it so much. especially w/ womens fashion taking this slash/trash/bodycon look it's so refreshing to see elegance and decorum.

  4. bb: i totally get your point, so lets make this a monthly thing, so we can keep ourselves in check!

    adele: strange you would say that, considering i bought 4 pairs of shoes and 3 bags... anyway in the words of oscar wilde "nothing succeeds like excess!", as read from deluxeduck's journal...

    -h: that is such a lovely comment, thank you for the kind words :)

  5. Good for you! and good for the credit note:-) That really help to reduce the final amount quite a bit.

    I need to do mine. I think I will be very shocked....


    Can't wait to see your BV shoes! I love to buy shoes during sale. You usually do get them, so no need to spend full price. Especially when you have many pairs, you do not need to immediately buy the full price shoes.

  6. kev: i think your feb recap might be shocking....! do it do it!

  7. Everything you got looks so yummy !! I can't wait to see the BV shoes, I bet they're tasty too !!!

  8. ooo wow! loving the blue BB bag.

  9. Those BV must be the Penny loafers. Right? I saw them at Brown's.

  10. hey uclaboi got it right! you saw them at browns too?? you didn't get them?



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