Tuesday, 24 March 2009

feeling a little country

total lust worthiness, the hermès equestrian bag, Eur1,500.

or how about something similar? voyage by wastetwice at JPY28,350 (approx Eur218)

i like both, but seriously way overpriced.



  1. I like the 2nd, but HERMES like the LV's never go on SALE even during the RecesSALESion period.

  2. i'm not too keen on bags like that but i actually like that one. I wouldn't carry it with me but I do like the design and the stitch work.

  3. I prefer the Japanese tote. and Hermes DO go on sale not the Birkins or Kellys but def canvas bags like these, rtw and shoes.

  4. yea hermes does go on sale, i got the shoes i know hehe! but i didnt see the canvas bags previously


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