Monday, 2 March 2009

GQ : weekend bags

GQ's website sported a revamp recently, and boosted it's style section with lots of eye candy! with my endless obsession for weekend bags, here are GQ's six picks for spring summer 2009:

1. Canvas bag by Ralph Lauren, £1,080 / 2. Tan bag by Bric's, £535 / 3. Weekend bag by Louis Vuitton, £2,235 / 4. Calfskin bag by Norton & Sons, £980 / 5. Leather bag by Tumi, £940 / 6. Maxi Mabel bag by Mulberry, £995

£1,080 for Ralph Lauren's canvas bag??!

the Tumi weekender looks slightly similar to Burberry's large leather satchel holdall (£895) and canvas check tote (£795), both with longer handles and straps making it user friendly to sling on the shoulders:

read more about GQ's article here.

travel in style, and come spend the weekend in london to boost the ailing economy!



  1. Ralph is kinda expensive... I had my eye on some mainly canvas bag with a wee bit of leather trim, and it costs over SGD1000. Ouch.

  2. Paul Smith has a bag that is very similar to the Ralph Lauren one, except at 1/3rd the price.

    Check out:

  3. The LV Doctor Bag is truly stunning. I like the bag from Tumi.

  4. LV Doctor's Bag is kind of an inappropriate name for a weekender, I think. :-)

  5. no 3 look rather interesting. have u seen it or hold it? how does it feel?

    no. 6 is also...hmmm... ;)

  6. wow...fabulous bags!!!i get nothing like these at i must to visit london for shopping tour!!!=)


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