Thursday, 5 March 2009

H&M men trend spring summer 2009

was out and about last saturday, and popped by H&M to check out their latest arrivals:

i really like this oversized checked cardigan. but it doesn't do anything for me, except to blend me into the cool hip under 25 indie crowd. and this look like something prada did a few seasons ago. ok i do like it but i am too stingy to pay full price! the cardigan costs £29.99

the blazer screams 3.1 phillip lim to me! however, it is really ill-fitting. i am trying very hard to make this work. and i realised cropped blazers doesn't work on lanky frames. the blazer costs £59.99

i don't need to buy them, trying them on already makes me happy!


  1. shoes by h&m as well?

  2. i love the blazer outfit! where is it from? It doesn't look like philip lim to me.

  3. romey: the blazer's from H&M! it reminded me of the boy cut blazers phillip lim did a few seasons ago..

  4. I thought the crop blazer looks good on you! Love short blazers. If only H&M is here...


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