Saturday, 21 March 2009

happy weekends

maybe in life we shouldn't focus too much on the bright dazzling lights, but to look at the rawness and vulnerability of the subjects the lights cast upon. maybe it isn't that glamourous afterall. oh pardon me but it's been rather dramatic at work this week, and a pensive saturday indeed.

anyh00o00, my random twitter twatter:

- thank you and congrats to "londonboy" who dashed off to H&M and copped himself a pair of the perforated leather sneakers upon seeing my post! we're now shoe twins!

- "K" also bought a pair in blue, not sure if it is after i made the post or not, but rejoice!

- "luxury obssessed" from new york also bought the opening ceremony for uniqlo blue/white checked shirt with the hankie in the pocket!

- not sure if it is from a reader here, but the spring summer 2006 louis vuitton ouvea keepall which was reduced to US$950 has been sold. whoever bought it congrats it's a stunning piece!


what's he wearing?