Thursday, 19 March 2009

hermes notepad with alligator leather

for the person who has everything, how about a hermes notepad with an alligator leather tab? brand new at Eur82, this must be the most affordable exotic leather item at hermes! click on pic above to purchase

totally inane and unnecessary but i want it!


  1. Indeed unnecessary but so nice.This are sale items(stamped wiith S above the Hermes logo)

  2. ahh i always thought the "S" was the date code, now i know! just noticed my hermes boots had a small "s" inscribed on it too!


  3. Beautiful Hermes item, and great quote about the stamp! :)

    Joe, check out the Dior sunglass sale!
    Looks like your kinda thing!

  4. What a bloody waste of money... I want one!

  5. Come to Ad Hoc for your latest in london fashion accessories.

  6. lol

    don't get them now! those pieces were available in heaps and heaps during the Hermes sales!15-20 Euros? i remember it being dirt cheap, cheapest item at Hermes, but utterly useless.

  7. you get endorsements from the Swiss boys, too?

    you have come a long way. congrats!

  8. kiks: 15-20 eurs?? get one for me when you next go to their sale!!! i agree udderly useless but i want haha!


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