Saturday, 28 March 2009

inspired much?

the bellboy is now working at prada. zip case in black saffiano leather, US$195

louis vuitton coated canvas monogram groom key & change holder, US$225, released back in 2006, tipped to be reincarnated sometime this year (unless rumeurs were false and bellboy actually reborn at prada!).

saying that, i do quite fancy the croc embossed card case from prada, US$150.

or how about the real deal, ysl shiny croc leather card holder in the most delectable shade of midnight blue, US$495.

it must be love, love love.


  1. Ack! So surprised that Prada would do something so obvious.

  2. I so hope the Groom is re-released at Louis Vuitton. I missed out last time!!

  3. i like the prada bellboy much,,

    it is cute!

    but duno wat to do with it,,

    jz feel that it's nt so roomy enough for my phone n wallet,,

    retailing in singapore for SGD 310 .

  4. I too am hoping for a Groom revival. :)

  5. lol....That bellman needs a break. He's working for LV and Prada.. I too am excited about the re-release of groom. According to rumors, it will be on damier canvas..Perfect..

  6. this darn recession, even the bellboy cant hold a steady job...

  7. the ysl card case is out of this world amazinggg

  8. So cute... I'm digging the 1st Prada...


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