Monday, 30 March 2009

louis vuitton men's spring summer 2009 "outline" silk scarf

i've not been buying magazines for ages because i know there will be lots of nice products and temptation. but i faltered and in a moment of boredom i bought the latest spring summer 2009 issue of "another man" (anything for jefferson hack really).

so there were nice glossy ads all out in full force. oh dear quick flip the page...

and then you reach the section where they shamelessly hawk their wares at you, and you helplessly stare at them. oh what's that thing there?

hmm nice bags and shoes, but i am really liking that scarf. where's it from?

Ooo it's from vuitton. then i began my search online but i couldn't find any pics or information about it. so i decided to brave the rain and lugg the magazine to the sloane street store to enquire. that's the last piece they had!

needless to say i took it home! the 100% silk scarf is reversible and featured geometric stripes on both sides. ok the creases and folds are annoying me no end, am going to iron it soon. anyway here's the front...

and here's the back. i absolutely love it, i can layer up in the summer with a silk scarf and not feel bulky.

the official description is "echarpe outline gris clai", which in my loose french translation means "grey outline clearly" scarf. non?

and with my fall winter 2008 "plan" silk scarf. the "outline" scarf is actually much longer than the "plan", so it can be twilled around the neck. however the silk is not as flowy as the "plan", "outline" is actually stiffer, but i love it no less.

the scarf wasn't featured on the spring summer 2009 show, but the geometric print was used in the silk ties. here's model of the moment and louis vuitton spring summer 2009 campaign's posterboy tyler riggs sulking it with the geometric print tie.

i was also offered the silk tie, but it doesn't pack the punch like the scarf did. vertical stripes on ties are not flattering on 99% of mere mortals too. but i do love their effort to tie the ties to precision, showing 4 stripes on the knot for both looks!

i lvoe it!


  1. That's one very handsome scarf, the architecture blue print makes earlobes tingle. Nice purchase although I'm not a super fan of LV.

  2. thank you :)
    earlobes tingle is a nice description, but i like it nonetheless just like the scarves!


  3. Great scarf I love the architectural one as well. I think it is great that you pointed out Jefferson Hack I think that he is my male style icon. Your blog has really made me start paying attention to mens style.

  4. Lovely... simply lovely.... swish!

  5. im afraid I might have to have this scarf too.

  6. Very nice, joe! I know someone who'd most likely want this too. :)
    P.S. Steam iron it to remove the creases.

  7. lovely. it would go so well with my H scarves.

    le sigh

  8. -h: thanks :)

    sophia: jefferson is my ultimate style icon, he's effortlessly chic!

    bb/dd: get one too! funny when i first saw it, in my mind i knew dd would like it and it's a matter of time he would get it!

    fm: yes i need to bring it to my friend's house to use their steamer or iron on mine on low heat

    allan: thank you :) i love H scarves but they are so expensive! but silk is so touchy feely, i like!

  9. BB has to save... can't... must resist...

  10. Joe! show us how you will wear it.

  11. i wonder if my SA will be able to perform another miracle for me. should i get this or the Crysanthemum pocket square?

  12. i saw the chrysanthemum pocket square too, it was nice but i don't get much use out of it.

    get both? the silk scarf is about the same price as the "plan" scarf.

  13. Great scarf!

    I'm going to have to look out for this magazine too!

  14. whoa! this one is neat! i really love the geometric design. by the way, i got the plan scarf at sloane a few weeks after you gave the heads up. thanks for that again!

    i hope i can still get this one. you think there are still available in other stores? mind if i ask for the item code? thanks!

  15. mark: wow u got the plan scarf too!

    i last heard the outline is sold out but no harm giving them a call or dropping by for a visit! model number is MP0586 (on the receipt) but on the label there's a row of number too: 402470, so i don't know which is
    which. the name on the receipt is "echarpe outline gris clai"

    hope that helps :) let me know if u do get it!

  16. thanks! ya, i did get the plan scarf. using it this coming may when i get there. haha.


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