Monday, 23 March 2009

louis vuitton spring summer 2007 canwan keepall 50

it always excites me when i find past season's collectibles on reseller's sites. louis vuitton's spring summer 2007 collection saw the debut of paul helbers work for the menswear division, and what a triumphant debut it was. there were so many pieces that i lusted for, including my all time favourite soana sacoche, as well as the canwan keepall 50 in absolute full bloom.

floral pieces are especially difficult for guys to carry off, but i love how they style it on the runway with a seemingly plain outfit. surprisingly, the above piece is brand new and i wondered why the owner never took it out for a spin. the stunning keepall is available for US$1,749 here.

talk about a rare find, there's another brand new canwan keepall on ebay right now for US$2,395!

and when talking about rare and hard to find vuitton pieces, the name deluxeduck comes to mind. he has a collection so vast i think even the vuitton archives/museum would be jealous. he has the below toiletries bag from the canwan series, which isn't for sale to the general public!

i find myself liking vuitton pieces from the past. is it a case of grass being greener on the other side, neighbours got a new car that you wanna drive? maybe i will like my new vuitton purchases a few years down the line.

anyway summer's here feel the full bloom!


  1. You know what, I used to not like it so much before, but it starts to grow on you. It's not very LV at all, reminds me more of something Gucci will do. Or Pucci. You know what I mean...

  2. I love the spring summer 2007 collection from LV...all those hawaiian inspired prints with a sartorial twist. Very nice. I even adored the music used for the menswear presentation. I should have gotten this bag! I love this keepall! And it's got a shoulder strap which makes it all the more useful!


  3. BTW, anyone knows what is the original price of this keepall? I saw it in NAC store a few months after the season was over...but was not attracted to it then. Too flowery for me at that time but tastes change over time. Now I like it very much/

  4. There's a silent thrill running through me each time I see pieces from the past seasons available for the taking. It's like seeing a long lost someone all over again.

    As yed says, LE is the way to go.

  5. i absolutely love the Canwan print. its very un-LV in a most LV way KWIM? im kinda wishing i have a bandana or a shirt too. the Canwan Keepall was so hard to put down, but as you all know the Soana Sacoche won in the end =) and im happy i got the Canwan Trousse

    its not the most practical thing to do, but wouldn't it be great to collect LE/Sesonal Keepalls just for the heck of it?

  6. i still remember when i first saw this bag.didnt like it and my opnion didnt change since then.looks like a cheap copy bag you can buy at night markets in asia.thats why its never been used i guess

  7. kev: the original price was Eur1,200

    dd: collecting keepalls sounds fun and expensive but i like! i still haven't used my tobago and graffiti keepall yet i need to be hanged :x

    vanja: i guess subtle details make all the difference, i guess this is the bag from the marmite world, u either love or hate!

  8. I really love this Keepall. It is on my wishlist, with another LV things like a Keepall in Epi Leather, in Nomade Leather. I like the both Stephen Sprouse's Keepall too.
    Really beautiful bag.

  9. the Canwan collection is one of my all time faves. it just screams SUMMER!

  10. man, it is a long time since i checked out your blog because 1. i got busy with work, 2. i am afraid i will see something i like and i will buy hence, spending once again. hahahaha...anyway, thanks for this link. now i am considering getting this. haha. let us see if it is meant to be. i knew the ebay one long time ago. way overpriced! i guess no. 2 reason is caving in...

    mark, LE is STILL the way to go, so what say you about this one? hahaha...

  11. i've only recently discovered LE, but the keepall looks fantastic. i really like it, and how often do you see it on the streets? i've not seen one really, not because it is unpretty but stocklists is just rare.

    i love it!


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