Friday, 20 March 2009

opening ceremony x uniqlo

uniqlo is a clothing chain which originates from japan, providing us with fun and colorful clothes at affordable prices. uniqlo = unique clothes, geddit??

opening ceremony is a fashion institution from the US, and they feature works by proenza schouler, rodarte, hussein chalayan, marios schwab and many more established and young designers.

together, opening ceremony and uniqlo make sweet music! as part of the annual designers for uniqlo invitation project, opening ceremony designed a special range of clothes just for the boys! i went and have a look see today, and am really impressed with the collection. the shirts fitted really well. anyhoo here's my mini selection:

pink check shirt with contrasting collar and cuffs
i really like the fit of the shirts, everything is just nice. i hope it doesn't shrink in the wash! all the shirts were made with non-wrinkle cotton!

also comes in beige/cream

long sleeve checked shirts with front pockets and elbow patches
i am loving the green check shirt, ok i am also loving the fuchsia/pink check shirt too! dilemma!

long sleeve checked shirt with front pocket and handkerchief

i love love love the quirky details! the small but perfectly formed collar, the slimmer cut arms, and the handkerchief details which the sartorialist will most probably approve!

all of the above shirts retail for £24.99.
so guess which of the four shirts did i buy? ?

and lastly my outfit for the day:
prancing around in the very well heated uniqlo store at oxford street in my well worn beige burberry prorsum jumper, light brown dunhill lizard skin belt, dark green COS corduroy trousers, tann/nude ferragamo lace ups, dunhill leather/canvas brief and giving off odeurs of ysl l'homme.

it's fridayyy! happy weekends!


  1. i didn't think i would like the shirt w/the elbow patches
    but actually seeing it on a person is so different than just seeing the shirt
    i'm kinda liking it now

  2. s_d: go try it in stores if there's one near you, you'll like it!

  3. i'm guessing you got the green checks shirt. i love all of them! love love love.

  4. you bought the last shirt with the handkerchief details and the small collar, right? :)

  5. BYW, are the shirts long enough to stay tucked in the pants? I am tall and always have problems with shirts being too short and it comes off the pants easily. But I have to say these look amazing!

  6. Despite being a highstreet chain the tailoring is relatively impeccable :)

    I want ALL of them!

  7. Did you get the shirt with the cotton hankie? It's lovely!

  8. i think you wear the shirts better than the model. I love the 1st one on you. My vote goes to the blue/green/white check shirt too.

    And chic outfit of the day. Nice watch too.

  9. Luv the green checks get up, besides it's UNIQLO, it's affordable with neat/classic cuts.

    Trust me it won't shrink after the washing.

  10. I got the blue/white checked shirt with the hankie in the pocket! Thanks for the recommendation.

  11. The shirts are very short. I can't tuck it in! If I go to the next size (Large), and I am usually a Small, then the whole shirt is HUGE.

  12. thanks guy :) i got the white checked shirt with the handkerchief details!

    the shirts a slightly cropped, length wise it's not long enough for a "full tuck". maybe it's meant to be left untucked which looks great too

  13. i would get all! there's uniqlo in hk but they don't seem to stock stuff as nice as what you have tried on! envy! wonder why the vast difference in collections in the stores across the globe. not entirely thrilled knowing uniqlo is coming to singapore in apr. knowing the kinda of buyers we have here. hee...

  14. Just curious Joe, but what size are you wearing?

  15. Great stuff. I haven't been to Uniqlo in a while. I'll have to take another look.

  16. Great dandyish:-) Works well for your style. and thanks for the length explanation!

  17. I really prefer how the colors look on your own pictures

  18. Great stuff. I haven't been to Uniqlo in a while. I'll have to take another look.


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