Sunday, 15 March 2009

out & about - 'dressing up & dressing down' edition

i want to be rich and i want lots of money. i don’t care about clever i don’t care about funny. i want loads of clothes and fuck-loads of diamonds. i’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless but everyone knows that’s how you get famous. but it doesn’t matter cause i’m packing plastic and that’s what makes my life so fucking fantastic. and i am a weapon of massive consumption and its not my fault it’s how i’m programmed to function. now i’m not a saint but i’m not a sinner. now everything is cool as long as i’m getting thinner. i don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore, i don’t know how i’m meant to feel anymore. when do you think it will all become clear, cos i’m being taken over by the fear.

dressing up and dressing down in my maison martin margiela beige aids benefit cotton tee, viktor & rolf grey wool roll neck sweater, brown marc jacobs hand painted belt, cheap monday indigo denims, ymc grey and white checked plimsoles, vivienne westwood brown napa leather driving gloves, balenciaga olive green aviator coat, balenciaga weekender, smelling of ysl l'homme, thinking that maybe a fur scarf would be perfect for the outfit, and listening to lily allen's "the fear".

when do you think it will all become clear?


  1. I just love your 'dress up' post. Always entertaining and always very animated. :-P Hehe. and of course always fabulously chic.

    Enjoy a wonderful sunday!

    not taking your graffiti keepall for a sunday outing?

  2. excellent bag. and the gloves!
    -ps. i really like the belt you're wearing in the fur picture.

  3. This is a great outfit. And I love Lily Allens new album so good. I think the little wax seal on the V&R is a great touch.

  4. i really like that Balenciaga bag of yours. how i wish *le sigh*

    my fur scarf ( Collection/Rex2-1.jpg) will be coming out of hibernation soon. just waiting for the Autumn rains to ease off.

  5. Diggin the coat a lot and the belt is awesome. May I ask, where can I get that belt..?
    btw. - great stuff on your blog :]

  6. kev: thank you :) not taken the orange keepall out yet, mmm not sure when!

    -h: thank you :) that belt is from marc jacobs' special series, cheap and cheerful

    sophia: love that song, and the wax seal is brillant i love their little signature touch!

    dd: i love love love that scarf. and that bag too. i totally missed out on bags from like 2006 to 2009!

    p.: thank you :) that belt is from marc jacobs' specials series, bought a few years back during the opening of mj shop in london :)

  7. Thanks for the info :) I'm looking for some nice brown-red belt like that but can't find anything decent in on-line shops..

  8. I truly did not realize that men's clothing & accessories could be so much fun until reading your blog! Now I'm jealous of guys! I like your dress up posts...I think you should do more!

  9. thanks TLT! i try to do it every now and then but it's rather tedious and sometimes i just need to fly out of the door because i am mega late!

    thanks for the support!


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