Friday, 6 March 2009

out & about - late nights of apples pies and mcflurry at mcdonalds edition

was out and about last saturday, had my haircut at toni & guys regent street, roamed around town for a bit and met my friends for a sumptuous japanese meal, followed by greedy doses of apple pie and mcflurry at maccie d!

busted the waistline in my black gucci military moleskin coat, purple paul smith wool scarf, forest green gap merino wool jumper, beige martin margiela aids benefit tee, gucci signature buckle belt, acne indigo jeans, paul smith sneakers and smelling of (my next to favourite) gucci pour homme.

as with 99% of the male population, i cannot do the belted look, so here's the undone look again:

my friend thought my jacket was from H&M, i nearly gave her 2 tight slaps (don't you start!). long story short, i wanted the paprika version as shown on the runway, but SA at harrods lied to me to say the only store carrying it in europe was milan, and coaxed me to get the classic black version. i wore the jacket to the sloane street store (which is like 5mins walk from harrods!!) 2 weeks later and i found the flaming red version on the racks. needless to say i never buy from that SA anymore.

anyhoo, it's friday!!!
happy weekends :)


  1. Despite what you might think about yourself I reckon you pull that "belted" look off quite well with the strap draped back over at the buckle. Rock it proud!

  2. i think you wear the belted version well. also i really love the touch of purple. well done :)

  3. The red one will be gorgeous!

    But the black one is equally beautiful:-) FW 2007 was one of the better seasons of Frida's reign on Gucci. My fav is SS 2007.

    Nice get-up on you again.


  4. I concur! The jacket-with-fastened-belt look sure is hard to pull off. You wear your jacket well though!

  5. I love your belted look. You wear it very well!!! And that purple scarf is a perfect combination.

  6. Hmmm, same shoe, same shoe again. Papa told you not to wear the same shoe again and the only shoe that you have!

    Your foot need something else.. so go dig your shoe rack...

  7. I like that pop of Gucci red and green. Happy weekend joe! Now I want me some McD apple pies.

  8. HONESTLY speaking...the black version does look like it is from H&M! Red one is waaay better!

  9. i personally love paul smith he really has great pieces.

    that's a great coat

  10. the black looks good on you, and black is more versatile than red :) i also like the gucci belt


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