Monday, 16 March 2009

out & about - 'sunny monday & the accidental bargain hunter' edition

i took the day off today to run some errands, and was very glad that everything turned out well and i finished both my appointments by 1pm. the afternoon was glorious, a testament that spring has indeed arrived. i wandered around town, feeling like a right old tourist, absorbing the sunshine and the delights of this wonderful city.

i walked from covent garden to piccadilly circus...

to regent street...

turning left at oxford circus into oxford street, then left by the station into south molton street...

then decided to take a break by south molton lane, chilling out in my h&m beige merino wool sweater, h&m boy cut denims, well beaten asos slip ons and blue perforated bill amberg leather brief.

then i walked to marble arch and indulge in a spot of two piece variety meal at kfc (i really shouldn't divulge such unglamorous eating habits!), and then made my way home, walked along the river enjoying what's left of the glorious day...

my neighbours across the shore...

watching the sunset brings a smile to my face, bringing the bitter sweet day to an end.

and oh, i walked past dunhill's warehouse sale this afternoon. didn't think i was a dunhill kind of guy, but i came out with three items... why would i stumble upon a warehouse sale *wails*

ok i need to go pack my room.


  1. Beautiful pictures ! It's making me homesick- I'm coming back to England for a wedding in September and it can't come soon enough. What sort of watch are you wearing ? I have an idea but I'll let you tell.
    Congrats on the sale- isn't it funny how these things seem to find us even when we're not looking ???

  2. you shopped! Welcome to the club!:-P

    such glorious weather in London.:-)

  3. im going to venture a guess: a bag (for work perhaps...), a wallet, and cufflinks...

  4. when can we see ur face?

  5. Don't suppose you could share where the sale was could you?

  6. I wanna go back to London!

  7. Lovely pictures. I love central london.

    Where was that dunhill warehouse sale? Im so jealous!

  8. oh pls dun tell me its a dunhill x kim jones!! im dying for it

  9. Lovely, breathtaking pictures. Lucky U to be living there! Anywho, reveal soon. :D

  10. anon / enjambment: the sale has ended monday was the last day, it was at south molton lane...


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