Tuesday, 31 March 2009

president obama's watch

if michelle obama did wonders for jason wu by wearing his dress to the inauguration ball, would president obama do the same for the little known watch maker by strapping on his favourite wrist watch? he has been seen on numerous occasions wearing the same wrist watch. i guess watches are sentimental to guys, we wear the same watch almost day in day out. it's a trust worthy piece of equipment that has followed our journey, and if it ain't broken we don't fix it.

the president's choice on these numerous occasions was jorg gray's 6500 chronograph.

if this is not the best poster image for the watch makers i don't know which will!

now us mere mortals can own a piece of history in the making too! the jorg gray 6500 chronograph retails for a surprisingly affordable US$325, and shipping to international destinations costs about US$35.

the president's watch bears a special logo which is exclusive to him and his employees.

us mere mortals can get the exact same watch but with a different logo on the front. bothered much? it is a quartz watch, but it is a commemorative edition and it comes with high-impact scratch resistant crystal watch face.

they've even got a website! http://barackswatch.com!

i find it rather interesting that the first lady favours little known or up and coming designers, and the president also favours a watch by a little known maker. america is indeed changing.


  1. I love this story. Just this morning we were discussing our President's watch and a good friend of mine thought it was Bell & Ross. Leave it to you to let everyone know the truth! Thanks!

  2. Ooo i love bell & ross watches, but this watch is cool and i guess sentimental to most. seeing you bought the pillow cases, might as well add the watch to the collection? :D

  3. i like the watch
    but the default logo is LAME!!
    and i'm in the search for the perfect watch
    i've had a few in the past
    but never any that really stuck as a favorite one.


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