Wednesday, 25 March 2009

simon carter swarovski pearl ball cufflinks

i love cufflinks, it's probably the only jewelry/accessory i wear. cufflinks do accentuate a well cut shirt, and many a times i've seen nice shirts ruined by generic metallic/silver bars.

i also love pearls, i think it's a classic and understated piece of jewelry. but guys wearing pearls can look awkward, but this pair of cufflinks should balance it well. i really like it, and at £28 it's hardly expensive either. but since i already have so many pairs of cufflinks i really should wait for the pair with real pearls and with perhaps better backing.

still a great pair of cufflinks for one looking to sprouse up his outfits. simon carter swarovski pearl ball cufflinks, £28.


  1. Where in London have you seen these available if you don't mind revealing?

  2. hi blakey, simon carter's cufflinks are available at most good retailers. i remember seeing them at harrods, selfridges etc.

    you can get them here too:

    let me know if you did get them!

  3. Popped into Selfridges today to have a look at their range of Simon Carter cufflinks with my freshly printed out 20% formal wear coupon in tow as well just in case! ;)

    Anyway after perusing their complete range of cuffs the only one I spotted that was similar was a set of "pearl ball", which looked exactly the same as the ones you posted, but had no Swarovski crystals in sight.

    In fact there were no Swarovski crystals on any Carter cufflinks for that matter. Duchamp on the other hand had a range of cufflinks which feature Swarovski crystal.

    I would like to check out Harrods range next, but if the same proves true albeit no Swarovski crystals on the pearl ball Simon Carter cufflinks they have in stock I would be interested in seeing if what mywardrobe is stocking do indeed have Swarovski crystal on them.

    For my mind, the price does seem a little too good to be true for cuffs with Swarovski crystal, but hey what do I know? :)

    At least I didn't walk out of Selfridges empty handed, but I did end up spending a lot, lot more then I anticipated, that's for sure! Oh and no discount coupon could be used on what I bought, hehe!

  4. sounds like you had a great day out!

    the cufflinks doesn't have crystal on them. these are simulated pearls by swarovski (they don't just do crystals...), so i guess the ones you saw at selfridges are the same ones here. nice? for the price i think it seems reasonable too.

    so what did you get at selfridges? it's always so crowded there!

    happy weekends!

  5. I may still go back and get the cufflinks with the aid of the discount coupon you posted, thanks for that !

    I bought a pair of grey Dior Homme SS09 jeans. I was happy to finally see them as I have been deliberating for weeks about what pair of grey jeans I wanted for summer and the Diors were never on the shelf! Expensive, but I'm going to make sure I get my wear's worth out of them over the coming months that's for sure!


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