Sunday, 29 March 2009

yesterday in pictures (& a few words...)

went to the victoria & albert museum at 5pm. didn't realise it's closing at 5:30pm.

outside was pouring with heavy rain, jeans were slightly soaked.

stained my new sneakers. reminder not to wear indigo denims with your white sneakers, not when it's raining anyway.

reminder not to take your exotic leather bag out when it's raining. put a post it note on the page of the magazine to remind yourself of item you wanted to show the SA at vuitton.

and then buy it because it was the last piece they had.

i'm only happy when it rains.


  1. LV LV LV! Woot! Frankly sometimes I just border on mad...

  2. Love the Garbage reference.
    Love the photos - the fleeting shot and the reflections shot.
    Love the bag - so exotique!
    Love the LV - a scarf, yes?

  3. Oh the poor heart aches for it...:-P

    and at least something from LV to console you:-P


  4. hmm... what could it be?

  5. oh it's a shame about the shoes. hopefully you can get it out.

  6. Love the story. Ostrich should do very well in the rain, but I am worried about the color transfer. Try a "Magic Eraser" on the sneakers. Just VERY GENTLY.

    More imporantly: WHAT DID YOU GET??

  7. a good way to remove stains off leather: makeup remover towelettes.

    my Balenciagas had nasty raw denim dye all over them, but a few swipes with the towelettes and the denim dye was gone, leaving the color untouched.

  8. Oh sorry to see your stained sneaker.

    It's funny, I used mine the other day and it was pouring - soaked it on a deep cracked...

  9. the stains r ok la.
    most of my white sneakers oso like that...


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