Thursday, 9 April 2009

bags of charm

oh my, i do love them all! click on bags for more pics and info.

happy easter holidays!


  1. Love Love Love these bags! Which color do you prefer in the Raf Simons tote?

  2. The Raf Simons tote is not worth the price. I saw these in real person, very crudely made. So do go there! It looked really cheap.

    The top 2 totes are cute:-)

  3. Really like the Der Sammler black and white.

    Much less keen on the Raf Simons.

  4. the der sammler ones are beautiful, i like the b/w too! the underside of the handles are liined with fabric to make it more comfortable when carrying. i love the detailing!

  5. liking the Raf Simons ones! especially the one with the silver handles!


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