Saturday, 11 April 2009

"balenciaga inspired" pea coat

it's amazing how something from about 3 seasons ago still manages to inspire some. this is the second time i've spotted the fall winter 2007 "balenciaga-inspired" peacoat. at US$69.99, which is less than a tenth of the price of the real mckoy, this is to be honest, not that bad. it even comes with the removeable faux fur collar. you can check out listing here.

it is pretty much an exact copy. "inspired" seems like an understatement. i don't know which is more shocking: that they are still "inspired" by stuff 3 seasons ago, or that they can do it pretty decently at this price. not advocating that one should buy it, but just some food for thought. the feeling when wearing balenciaga, is pretty much priceless.

and here are rehashed recyled pics. the fur collar does make it looks a lot more dapper, am trying to find a reasonably priced fur collar to go with my coats.


  1. holy crap that thing is hot,
    u think it'll would work on women?
    yes most deff.
    the masculin entropenur look is always tres chic.

  2. I think you have the best style of anyone I have seen and I love your blog, I am addicted already. You make me want to go out and shop, shop, shop. I like this pea coat, but I really like the balenciaga aviator coat you have, now if only I had the money.

  3. Looks great, greatly 'inspired'!

    I've just found your blog today, it's very exciting (:

  4. I live for the Balenciaga peacoat, and want the nock-off.


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