Monday, 27 April 2009

balenciaga men's sneakers spring summer 2006

i love all things balenciaga, and it excites me to find interesting items from the past. if i am noble enough i'll say it's being green to reuse, but it is about giving items a second chance. everyone deserves a second chance, and it is only with history and stories that people and items become interesting.

so currently on ebay there's a pair of pre-owned balenciaga men's sneakers retailing for US$155. the sneakers appeared to be in fantastic condition, and was featured on the spring summer 2006 lookbook. not sure if it is a good thing, but the pair on auction is size 9, my size!

i love it, and not exactly expensive either. and if i can be truthful, looking at the lookbooks from their archives, balenciaga doesn't do menswear like this anymore. the collections used to be romantic, there's flair and elegance to it. these days it seems to be all rocker dood inspired and picks up on where hedi slimane left off with dior homme.

and it's sad, as i've not bought anything from balenciaga menswear since spring 2008. as much as i love balenciaga and nicholas ghesquiere, i wish their menswear would move in a different direction.

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  1. His menswear ever since he change his direction to align more with womenswear is good for editorial...but not practical for men to wear everyday. So sad. I love Balenciaga too...but Spring Summer 2008 was my favourite...and now no more so.

  2. good luck to the person who would be buying that. it's mostly white. and suede.

  3. I love these sneakers and for that price, you should get it. I've been searching for a similar pair but with shearling trim.

    I also agree with you about the current route Balenciaga menswear is taking.

  4. To the person above, there wouldn't be much problem keeping these clean at all considering the white is leather and the heel is only suede.

    I like them.


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