Friday, 24 April 2009

black & gold

i was invited to the diesel press sample sale today. apparently it was madness in the morning and most of the stuff were gone. i dropped by around lunch time and picked up a few items!

best not talk about prices, as i literally picked all these up for a song. i'll be giving two of the items to a friend, whose birthday's in may!

there were also many pairs of mens' sample jeans, all in size 32, i was lazy to try them on so i picked a really nice pair of distressed jeans, hoping it will fit! i am so glad i stayed off kfc, it fitted perfectly!

i love sample sales! thanks diesel!


  1. Hahaha...KFC is available in UK?

    I thought Fish and Chips is the key staple junk food there?:-P

    Nice coin pouches...Love the distressed look.


  2. i must check out that scarf!

  3. dude ur a size 32?

    ..weird ur photos make u lot a lot thinner LOL thats not a bad thing dont worry

  4. jurr: lol oh dear! i promise i didn't squash my photos. maybe the cam on imacs are flattering!

  5. Take a picture of those jeans on please!

  6. Hey!

    I'm new to your blog and am loving it! I am also totally in love with how you do your letterings (small quirky letters) as description for your photos!

    Could you share your wicked method/program? Or is it a secret lol~~



  7. marco: am wearing them in my latest post!

    sam: thanks :) you can use photoshop to add text to your pics

  8. samples sales are great, i wish i lived nearer to where these types of things happen. where was the diesel one held?

  9. mat ahoy: it was around kings cross at their showroom :)


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