Tuesday, 7 April 2009

burberry menswear denim collection

hot off the news room: burberry has recently launched a newly expanded denim line for men and women as part of its london lifestyle spring summer 2009 collection. especially loving the pair above in vintage blue, just perfect and the way i would wear it.

maybe it's the perfect studio lighting, maybe it's the color of the nylon coat, maybe it's the perfect vintage wash, maybe it's the perfect model casting, but i am really loving the look. i might venture in stores this easter weekend to have a try. the jeans retail from £125 and upwards.

more here!



  1. I like the look of the faded lightblue one as well. I tried one on but I guess they are not really my cut, quite wide and high-waisted which makes it even difficult to wear them baggy-like. The slims are better but In my case make my bottom look flat. I am wondering how you will get along with them.

  2. hmm interesting. that's the thing with denims, it wouldn't be one size fits all. i'll probably try them this weekend. i really like this pair here.

  3. If jeans, go for the real jeans/denim cult i.e. Ed Hardy, cheap monday, diesel...


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