Tuesday, 28 April 2009

"cameron" by hermès

here's an article sent in by one of the readers a while back but it got buried under and i never got the chance to share it. the article was about cameron silver's (owner of the influential vintage couture store "decades inc") experience in getting a custom made bag from hermès, appropriately named "cameron". if i can be totally honest, i am not really feeling the bag, but the article was an interesting read, and provided an insight into the world of the privileged few.

considering an off the rack standard hermès birkin retails for about US$10,000 and upwards, his bespoke one of a kind "cameron" at US$11,000 doesn't sound exactly exorbitant (did i just say that?!). but i believe this service isn't available to any tom dick and harry, but reserved for their selected clientele.


  1. though i wouldn't wear it with a suit, i actually like the bag. but i hope they did something to secure the top opening down. looks like it will flap about when you walk.

  2. it's very boxy i find, and quite right about the flapping part.

  3. Lucky him hey...

    I can't wait to visit the flagship Hermés store in Paris with my irlfriend who thankfully speaks French, hehe!

    On another note, if only he had taken more care doing his tie for his photo with his bag!


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