Monday, 20 April 2009

cole haan for assouline leather bag - new colors!

i've previously blogged about the brown cole haan for assouline bag, there are now 2 more colors to choose from: red and black! i still love the brown, and more information is available now. the bag is called "the book bag" and measures a generous 38cm x 40cm.

from the side view, the bag is flat, which is perfect, and it makes it so much more masculine. and they must have heard me shouting, as they do ship internationally now! the bag retails for US$450, and shipping to europe costs about $35. you can find out more here.

and then there's the very sexy notebook (never thought i'll use that word on a notebook!) to accompany the bag, at US$90, or the book that is peeping out of the bags suggestively: allure of beauty, US$50.

00o00h i really like the bag, it will be perfect for work. but i should not spend frivolous money now as i am going to paris in july. oh did i mention, i am going to paris in july!!!

sigh, i like. someone just get the bag already!


  1. i like the red version!
    paris! how exciting! it will be july before you know it.

  2. I'll be in Paris in May! What is on your must-do list? Assouline?

  3. The red is dirty-divine! How I wish, though, that it weren't flat.

  4. you should meet Brieuc. I think he wants to meet bloggers. He invited Kevin and me, although I haven't responded yet as I don't know when I'll be there.

  5. -h/izzy: the red is nice i like it! and i like it flat, makes it less bulky!

    LO: you're there in may! is there assouline in paris?? i plan to visit marche serpette, saunter down rue de faubourg etc. relax!

    allan: am there on a day trip! hope i can squeeze everything in!

  6. I LOVE the brown version. And now that it's available online I'm very tempted...I want!!

  7. assouline in paris is in saint germain des pres, beside the Dior store.

    extend your trip.

  8. thanks allan! will check it out if i am around that area..

    i go to paris quite often, and i plan to visit again later in the year, so day trips are fun and manageable.

    can't wait!

  9. Thanks to your previous post, I bought myself the brown bag - and let me tell you, it is fab! Got it at the Plaza last month and there are only 3 brown bags left. The other colors esp the red look rather mediocre. The manager even told me that he got the red and it doesn't look good distressed. The brown does. Hope you get yours soon. Ciao

  10. traveloholic: now you're tempting me! i really like the brown. you have anymore pics to share with me? OOoooo i am tempted


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