Saturday, 11 April 2009

the day in pictures

the new marc by marc jacobs store in london opened this week, and i went to have a look see. the shop is packed full of mechandise, mostly from the "specials" range! i think we now have all the "specials", just like the bleecker street store in new york! i think i am going to pop by very very often! got a few items today, especially heavy and weather was crap so i left soon after visiting the shop.

i got a copy of LOVE magazine (issue no. 1, which i've always wanted to get but never got round to it), a studded card case for a friend, a leather strapped key chain, a london tee to commemorate the store opening (i love their "special" tees, the cotton is brushed and often made to look vintage like, and it always feel amazing. this must be the fifth or sixth "special" tee i bought so far), and copy of "juergen teller/marc jacobs advertising 1998 - 2009".

there were bucket loads of the leather key rings, and at £3 can you blame me?

i got the " jacobs by marc jacobs for marc by marc jacobs in collaboration with marc jacobs for marc by marc jacobs" card case as a present for a friend. at £11 i feel like keeping it for myself too. maybe i should go back and get another card case for myself.

and then there's the rather impulse buy - juergen teller marc jacobs advertising 1998 - 2009. this book cataloged all the marc jacobs campaigns shot by juergen teller from 1998 to spring 2009. i love juergen's pictures, it's so distinctive and this book is a fantastic keepsake. who knew there were so many campaign shots in 11 years?

why was it an impulse? cos this is a signed copy by juergen teller, who apparently was in store a few days ago and signed 30 copies for them. i paid a 70% premium because it's a signed copy. yes, quite an impulse.

and the book now sits nicely together with my other books. all i need now is a coffee table. and some biscuits.

i love the new marc by marc jacobs store!

now for some random twitter twatter:
- congrats to john from manchester and brent from stuttgart who were the first two to leave me a comment on the "your best face skincare post", i'll send you guys the ybf lip balm next week!

- congrats to mark who bought the louis vuitton "plan" scarf from the sloane street store after my mini tip off hehe!

- i saw jennifer saunders at the marc jacobs store today, she was at the till beside me!

- and when i left the marc jacobs store, i saw domestic goddess nigella lawson outside scotts! she must love that restaurant, as this is the second time i've seen her there! the last time round i saw her with comedienne ruby wax!

- fellow blogger and reuters nodded "the recessionista" has a peruvian hoodie sweater worth US$115 to giveaway! everyone is eligible! click here! freebies in the recession, we like!

- and i decided to not bid for the balenciaga glossy leather boots. i really like it, but the weak GBP sours the deal. my hermes brown suede and leather boots actually costs 30% less. so i should save the money (but i spent half on it at marc jacobs today, doh!)

- still reading? happy l00o00ng weekend!


  1. OMG!!! I am so jealous--you went to fabby Marc Jacobs London store, PLUS got free stuff, PLUS saw Nigella, I love Nigella--have all her cookboooks. Everything I make from them is way, yummy! You are truly living large in London. I have to make a trip across that damn pond soon,
    MH, The Recessionista

  2. I'm also enamored with the Tom Ford book - just ordered it for myself in fact! Really loving your blog and reading every post - keep up the great work!

  3. Strangely my heart only skipped a beat when my eye went past the line 'domestic goddess nigella lawson'. God that woman is gorgeous, can actually cook and an appetite that matches mine... especially when we both crave for late night snacks...

  4. can i ask u to buy the leather key rings n card case for me...i wanna make it as a present for my love one...hope u can help me...i will bank in the amount of purchase n shipping price to ur account...

  5. Looks like you got some fantastic buys! The book is truly special- definitely a keep sake!

  6. I love that t-shirt. I hope there's one in a M available on Tuesday!

  7. I love that t-shirt. I hope there's one in a M available on Tuesday!

  8. Baah! I seriously miss London and all the access you have to great labels and fashion minded people. I want one of those key rings! They're dirt cheap. lucky lucky lucky :(

  9. Love the shirt! So cute with the red double decker on it. :) Nice loot, joe!

    OMG! Jennifer Saunders! I would have taken a photo with her, love love love her. :p

    Happy easter!

  10. -h / stumbling epicure: the tom ford book is amazing, i really love it!

    mh: those weren't freebies!! nigella is gorgeous in person, she's got that glow! am wanting to visit the US again but GBP is so damn weak!

    bb: that makes the 3 of us! i love late nite snacks!!!

    sitekateki: am sorry but i have to decline, really sorry. try ebay am sure they have it or come visit london soon while GBP is weak!

    beatific fashion: that was one very expensive book i hope it's worth it!

    blakey: they have tons of tshirts so don't worry. let me know what you get! it's a candy shop in there! dangerous!

    marco: that shop is dangerous! and london is great i love it. but i am loving SA's warm weather now!

    fm: yea i was a bit star struck, forgot to ask for pic! not sure if she'll obliged though...

  11. do you know if i can buy online the LOVE magazine?

  12. I love the commemorative MJ tee... it's so very London with the double decker bus on it! I want one for myself!

  13. nice post about the marc by marc jacobs specials! i was viewing their website last week and alr kept in mind the croc-embedded billfold wallet, the key ring and tees. they are so awesomely cheap! i love such branded (cheap) thrills! im so looking forward to london in june :)
    -miss Q

  14. Love your books!!
    Anyway, did they have the Victoria Beckham tee?

  15. Finally got around to checking out the store today and you're right it's indeed a candy store of sorts! Damn you for mentioning it in the first place, hah hah!

    I'm pretty sure I secured the last M in the white double decker shirt. It's my new favourite shirt! Also got a yellow "Dirty Rat" polo. Lets hope this store stays relatively under the radar, because I like the fact I can walk around with a rat silhouette and all these of Lyle & Scott clones can all look the same as each other! :p Lets see...I also got a pair of black skinny jeans a copy of the Love magazine and bought one of the necklaces from downstairs. It may be female, but it doesn't faze me, I jut love that fact that when you spin it it says "I love you". Hey, if you don't love yourself, no one will! ;p The tall American guy at the counter upstairs was incredibly friendly and talkative too. There's actually a photo of him posing on the wall, hah hah. I think you'll be interested to know he's worked for your boy Jefferson Hack as well! If or when you go back in there you should have a chat with him! Very interesting character. So yeah, thanks for making me blow my budget again, but damn it, it was worth it. It kind of felt like being at Uniqlo on this stuff is much nicer, hehe!

  16. that card holder is a dream! i wish i could get hold of one of those bad boys


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