Thursday, 2 April 2009

dolce & gabbana men's spring summer 2009

i never thought i would be the dolce & gabbana kind of guy. it's always a little bit loud, a little bit muscular, a little bit perma perfect tann and just a little bit not me. but i am so liking their latest collection. these gorgeous printed jackets are so achingly beautiful. i hope we get to see someone wear it on the red carpet soon. and i would so love to try them on too.

if the exquisite jackets appeared out of reach for most mere mortals, the stunning prints were also available on cotton shirts.

the equally stunning shirt retails for Eur459. like the alexander mcqueen flamingo print shirts, i feel the jackets and shirts are stunning show pieces but just difficult to transcend in real life for 99% of us. but maybe dolce & gabbana are just for the 1% elites. however i love them no less and silly it sounds but it made me strive harder and be better.

i am feeling the love for dolce & gabbana.


  1. i can totally rock that shirt! now if i can only afford it...

  2. i used to a huge fan of dolce & gabanna especially their menswear (and louis vuitton menswear and when gucci men's was under john ray). But somewhere along the lines the male models like you said got to beefy, too tan...

    Anyway, I think this jackets are absolutely beautiful. I like this trend of the pajama look for clothing.

  3. Jay Manuel of America's Next Top Model fame wore one of the jackets for some gala event recently, and there were red carpet shots.

    His horrible silver hair negated any potential beauty of the jacket though.

  4. I would totally wear that shirt. I love the print and I didn't realize it came as a shirt. The jacket is beautiful too but would definitely need the right occasion.

  5. Miami Vice! LOL

    but I still love the printed jacked, esp the one with the bamboo and butterflies.

  6. i still prefer the AMcQ flamingoes over this.

  7. They remind me of chinese mafia bosses....

    hahaha. I use to like Dolce & Gabbana...but now it has gotten too 'mature' and suit-up, the look has become irrelevant to me, considering I dun dress formal most times. Prefer the younger D&G. The recent collection which I like best is Spring SUmmer 2007, silvery and metallic.


what's he wearing?