Monday, 27 April 2009

i really don't know clouds at all

"i've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down, and still somehow it's cloud illusions i recall. i really don't know clouds at all." ~ joni mitchell / both sides now


  1. Hola querido, quería decirte que me ha impresionado la cantidad de cosas tan preciosas que tienes, coincido en tu buen gusto por Balenciaga y Marc Jacobs.
    Te felicito por tu ocupación, estaré atento a tu blog, chao!

  2. Joe, they only block the sun, they rain & snow on everyone!
    I remember hearing the song in school and wondering what is was all about! Joni got some big ideas out here in LA, hanging out up in Laurel Canyon. I'm sure she saw many clouds from her perch high above our fair city.
    Love the pics.
    MH, The Recessionista

  3. I always love your song lyric quotes. I almost always end up using them as my random thought or post on my FB page, hehe!

    Nice photos as always, yesterday was sensational weather in London as opposed to today! But that's what miserable Mondays are for after all!

  4. pretty cool joe. pretty cool.

  5. it gets you in a melancholic mood.but still my all time favourite song...

  6. hector: i don't understand spanish, but mucho gracias! :D

    mh: they sure do rain and snow on everyone!

    blakey: monday is indeed miserable. i forgot my brolly too which is demoralising

    fm: thank you :D

    vanja: melancholy and the infinite sadness

  7. Ha...I still remembered when they used it in Love Actually, thats the best version.

    How bout clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee

  8. Joe, did you go to the SIngapore day event in London? Are these the ballons they have? Look at all the 'fine' signs and MRT:-P

    Lovely weather. I love european blue skies.



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