Friday, 24 April 2009

it's a birkin, it's a kelly, it's a...

i might not be good at differentiating between hermès haut à courroies (HAC) and hermès birkin, but i sure can tell my birkins from the kellys.

embarassing no?

anyh00o00, if you fancy winning a hermès bag (not really sure if it is birkin or kelly), click here for the competition!

happy friday!


  1. I always wonder who wins these contests and wish they would post a photo of the lucky winner, eyes wide with glee, holding the Hermes in their hands. Love the color, too!

  2. Embarrassing isn't it ?? Anyhow, I want one

  3. Thanks is UFB! Can't believe VOGUE ran that. Good eye Joe! :)
    I am going to enter this :)
    I am about to post and interview with the author of "Bringing Home the Birkin" so this will be a perfect fit in the piece! :)
    May I link to your post? I will of course mention you as I always do :)

    The Recessionista

  4. MH: you're interviewing michael tonello? i just bought a copy of this book, and it was a signed copy too! how cosmic!

    of course you can link this post, more than happy! :D

    looking forward to read the interview!


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