Wednesday, 8 April 2009

john lobb "turvey"

if this ain't love, then i don't know what is. i need a pair, soon.



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  2. I've been working on the same block as the John Lobb store in Mayfair.

    I think my new wish in life is to one day get a custom made pair.

    Have you ever gone in there and asked about prices Joe?

  3. blakey: wow you work at jermyn street? never been in there before, maybe one day when i am feeling brave hehe

  4. I have been working on St. James Street lately and there's a John Lobb workshop on that street, just up the road from St. James Palace.

    It's a wonderful little store. I love all the displays in the window!

  5. anon: lucky you! i love john lobb hope i'll get to try their shoes someday!

  6. Are these still available? Bespoke only? I remember seeing them as ready to wear in the catalogue of the New York stores but just checked and don't see them listed anymore.


what's he wearing?