Thursday, 9 April 2009

leica limited edition all white leather trimmed M8

there are cameras, and then there are leica cameras. it's no big secret that the leica d-lux 3 is one of my daily essentials, but the M8 is seriously out of this world.

i don't think i will ever buy another digital camera unless it's another leica. the above all white leather trimmed M8 was produced in very limited quantities. seriously for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

stunning. & i heart.


  1. That surely is another want in life... no maybe a need. hahaha, gorgeous leica more that hassleblad/hasleblood?

  2. Wow. The world's most chic camera. It's gorgeous. Thanks.

  3. Seeing this put a huge smile on my face. It takes great craftsmanship to make something that will be used to create even MORE ART. Want, definitely.

  4. This is absolutely stunning....
    Though i don't think i have the budget to actually own this...


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