Friday, 10 April 2009

mcm relaunch

making a resurgence lately are the monogrammed bags from the 90's from mcm! i used to know them as "michael cromer munich" but they have since relaunched as "mode creation munich", apparently keen to distance themselves from their troubled past. am not a particularly big fan of monogrammed bags but i do like the vintage cognac colored leathers. they've recently opened a new store at sloane street london, always wanted to venture in but somehow just never did.

i am loving the relaunch. if "hunting world" is coming back again then my hazy 90's memories is complete!

"monograms fail because the user fails in carrying it off and not because there are too many monograms." ~ the bagulous bagaholicboy


  1. this kinda reminds me of the exclusive vuitton made for the film "The Darjeeling Limited."

  2. Omg! This is so awesome! I never knew MCM made a come back. Haha! I wish it becomes popular once again so that it can come to Singapore some day! :D

  3. marC: yes i remembered those, i wish they would release it formal, i really like it


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