Wednesday, 29 April 2009

more "matthew williamson for H&M" spring summer 2009 menswear collection

more pictures are trickling in from the "matthew williamson for H&M" menswear collection.

i really really really like want this blazer. it reminded me of the balenciaga fall winter 07 women's blazer.

a slightly givenchisque leather jacket. the belt is bothering me, lots.

le sigh, i am loving the seersucker blazer t00o00...

adrien brody in "matthew williamson for H&M" board shorts and patent leather sneakers

the men’s collection takes inspiration from williamson’s own wardrobe, mixing a dapper young gentleman’s style with hot colour and covetable ethnic influences. “i have aimed to incorporate a styling juxtaposition where global inspiration is fused with quintessential english style,” says williamson. seersucker blazers look their best when worn with cuban-style printed shirts, while denim comes in strong blue and vivid pink. tie-dye sweaters come in purple and pink, while a t-shirt comes with williamson’s signature peacock print. for the beach there are board shorts or little swim shorts, and pulling the whole look together is an accessory that is williamson’s personal signature - a large, crinkled scarf.

example prices:
seersucker blazer € 99/£69.99
cuban-style shirt € 29.90/£19.99
jeans € 49.90/£29.99
tie-dye sweater € 39.90/£29.99
board shorts € 29.90/£19.99
swim shorts € 24.90/£19.99

the collection is available from may 14th in selected H&M stores.



  1. now that i see it on that jacket and trouser in the 1st picture i like it A LOT better. the seersucker is soooo good.

  2. the seersucker is going to be the piece that everyone wants...sigh....should i camp outside H&M? exam is so near...;(

  3. I wish there was an H&M here...sad

    ps: i used your images for my blog. Hope that is OK. let me know.


  4. -h: i NEED that blue blazer!

    londonboy: yes i am camping outside!! i think

    philip: no probs :)

  5. o my. they're lovely lovely. and such great prices to boot. too bad we don't have h&m here

  6. I'm so loving that first blazer!!!

  7. I love that blue blazer now.
    I'm eggcited!

  8. I am excited for this, coming in HK H&M this 14th.

  9. I want the board shorts!


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