Sunday, 26 April 2009

out & about - 'gathering of the countrymen' edition

beautifully sunny day on saturday, went out & about to hampton court for a spot of well missed fares. dressed in my newly purchased diesel distressed denims (which my friend said it looked like it's from 10years ago, which i take that as a compliment to say it's been aged to perfection), balenciaga merino wool sweater, marc jacobs hand painted belt, raf simons cotton tote, paul smith cloth sneakers (which anon reader was rather annoyed i keep wearing the same shoe, but i can fly in these), smelling of ysl l'homme and listening to elbow's "one day like this".

beautiful day.


  1. I love the shoes and bag. :)

  2. I am also annoyed at you for wearing the marc jacobs hand painted belt all the time :P

  3. we all have our trusty favourites that we subconsciously automatically fall back to:-P hehe

  4. LMP /-h: thank you :)

    anon: lol ok i'll wear another belt next time

    kev: yes i know that feeling! what did you get from HGBags??!!

  5. What watch were you wearing in that photo?
    it looks you have a close up photo of that ?

  6. anon: it's the bvlgari carbongold. you can read more about it here: here


what's he wearing?