Tuesday, 28 April 2009

prada men's autumn winter 2008 patent leather grey/black tote bag

ebay is a four letter word, and so is evil. look away now, there's a brand new prada men's patent leather grey/black tote bag as featured on the autumn winter 2008 runway show, available on ebay's "buy it now" for... US$550.

yes, brand new. US$550. oh be still my very heart...

oh someone get it already. click here for listing and more pics. i think it's gorgeous, but it's too similar to my bottega veneta tote. the good thing is that this isn't a completely open top bag, there's a snap/stud closure on the top. hack, for this price and this being featured on the runway, just grab it and run like the tiger already.

& talking about tigers, i've joined the bandwagon. i might just be flooding the site with twitters and twatters. and the annoying thing is that someone choose "00o00" as their twitter username but not making any posts. tsk tsk cyber squatters.

p/s: is it the weekend already? le sigh...

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