Wednesday, 22 April 2009

rent a watch:

the ladies had long been able to visit certain websites to rent bags for a period of time. i remembered a friend rented the gucci indy, in green if i remembered correctly. costs about £90 for the month, expensive i thought, but it's a good way to test if you really like the bag, and great for trying out unusual colors for a mix and match without the long term obligation.

there's a website that caters to the niche market for guys who would like to rent luxury watches by the week. maybe there's a certain occasion that you would like to impress your date/guests, or just to admire it up close and serve as an inspiration to strive harder in life. there's quite an array to choose from, say the hermes h-our watch where one can rent it for US$99 per week, or US$275 per month. if say after a month you really like it, you can also purchase it for US$2,300, and the monthly rental that was paid earlier would go towards the purchase price too.

there's also the cartier santos 100 for US$353 per week or US$940 per month or buy it for US$8,800.

i never thought i would rent a bag or a watch, if i can't afford it i don't want to think about it too much. but these days renting isn't just about affordability but also about test driving new and exciting stuff, being seen with the latest must have, creating a lasting image like renting a limousine and an exquisite gown for one's wedding or a one off special event.

so, would you rent a watch? mmm interesting, but don't think i would for now.

and p/s: am i being anal to think that the screws on santos' face should be properly aligned?



  1. I was just watching the Sex and the City movie last night and was wondering when someone would do this for men. Great news!

  2. both beautiful timeless classic watches. for 940 one could still get a pretty nice watch, so money's not an issue to a certain extent...

  3. its not something i would consider personally tbh. and aren't these a bit overpriced if you decide to buy it? especially since they're already second hand.

    I have both all steel and two tone Santos 100 watches and all the screws are not aligned. it gives me the impression they're still assembled by hand.

  4. I love your blog!!! amazing!!

    - Alexxander

    I link you

  5. I think it's a great idea for luxury brands to give a taste of the good life to your admiring public. You're spot on with your assertion that this is in step with the tradition of renting a limo or gown for a special affair.

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