Saturday, 25 April 2009

summer shoes & then some...

a few new arrivals from one of my favourite online store/outlet: summer is here! (just about...)

givenchy leather sandals, £132
. oooh i really like these.

givenchy suede and napa leather sneakers, £80

raf by raf simons leather and fabric sneakers, £66

luella bag charm/gift set, £19
for the set of 3 bag charms! perfect presents! now sold out!

click on pics for more information if you're interested.


  1. pretty good prices too. i like the hightops the best.

  2. wow i really like all 3 shoes, i agree with -h the hightops are really nice. The designs are really simple but look great.

  3. I like the Givenchy sandal and the Luella bag charms.

  4. Hi Mate,

    I just found out your blog while surfing the net. It was AWESOME !!! I will definitely visit it everyday. From fashion to mixing and matching of clothes. Really learnt a lot of dressing sense from you mate. "Dress to kill". Haha. Cheeers.

    PS: I'm from Asia. :D

  5. hi dude
    may i ask what do you do for living?

  6. love the givenchy sandals.

  7. -h / harpal: i like the hi tops too! their pricing seems reasonable too

    eclair: bag charms are gone!

    anon 01: thank you :D but i don't really dress to kill ha

    anon 02: i work in finance

    zteny: i love it too, am pondering...

  8. The price is so right for all those sneakers considering what I just paid for a pair of all white Common Projects! Urgh!

  9. blakey: where did you get your common projects from?

  10. that raf by raf is past season. thats y the price is cheap! i got those 2 seasons ago i think


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