Monday, 6 April 2009

wall street journal magazine: being bernard arnault

work's been very hectic, especially at the beginning of each month. came home, surfed around and stumbled upon a great read from the magazine at wall street journal: "being bernard arnault". i've always been deeply fascinated, and long admired two men at the top of the luxury retail game: francois pinault at the helm of PPR (pinault printemps redoute, printemps being french dept store, redoute being catalogue business la redoute), and bernard arnault at LVMH (louis vuitton moet hennessy). the article is a fantastic read, and gave a little insight into the mind of this business mogul, who steered his luxury goods stable, which includes vuitton and dior, into new territories.

“i don’t like it, i don’t want to see it in stores.” arnault says of the offending red canvas dior bag.

“if you tell me so, sir,” galliano answers.

i never thought i would read anything from the wall street journal post work, but this is exciting stuff. did you know that both men, who are arguably the most powerful and influential men in the retail industry, did not speak to each other for over a decade (rumoured to be over a sour deal to take control of the gucci group in the 90's). it is only until recently that they met for reconciliatory lunch, after their respective wives met at an art exhibit and decided enough is enough. never underestimate the women behind powerful men.

and speaking about women at power, the magazine also gave quick interviews on the 5 important women holding top positions within the gucci group. seriously now, who is kind enough to send me a copy of this magazine? i live and breathe this stuff!

seriously fantastic read. and did you know bernard arnault wears beluti shoes? i love intriguing details like that. i feel nourished now. i love intellectual mondays


  1. Just finished reading the Bernard Arnault article, which was very interesting.

    Funny because when I briefly worked in the Financial Times building in Southwark I remember seeing a Les Echos office with all these French women in it and wondered what was going on in there. Interesting to see it mentioned in this article! :)

  2. i've always found him fascinating.

  3. Ray the loaferholic7 April 2009 at 17:42

    Interesting post, will look for the WSJ tomorrow. Berluti huh? Wouldn't expect anything less from him!

  4. loved the post, and read the wsj article immediately there after. by the way, does anyone know which wrist watch B.A is wearing in the picture?

  5. parth: am going to harbour a guess, i think that's the hublot big bang


what's he wearing?