Monday, 20 April 2009

ybf-skincare review

last week i received a really nice care package from the kind people at i used the products religiously for a week, and here's my review!
the products were grouped into really simple and distinct categories:

"control" is formulated with high concentrations of proven anti-aging peptides that reduce wrinkles and improve the appearance of the skin. i must admit, like the regular bloke down the street, i am clueless about anti wrinkles products. sure i do moisturise, but "control" takes it one step further. my first reaction was that the cream was rather thick, but it gets absorbed pretty quickly. skin feels really good after. "control" retails for US$160 for 1 oz (30 ml).

i am really loving "correct", which is the eye cream formulated with all the good stuff to minimise dark circles and invigorates the eye area. i'm not sure if almonds is used but the cream smells a bit like that, and the rich texture just gets absorbed quickly by the skin. i am a big sucker for eye creams (being born with panda eyes doesn't help!), and i honestly do like this. "correct" retails for US$150 for 0.5 oz (15 ml)

"restore" is the moisturiser to the everyday bloke, and it brings together two of the best complexion brightening ingredients - alpha arbutin and stable, high-end vitamin C. together these reduce the appearance of "age spots" and slows the tanning response after UV exposure. i do find the texture to be rather thick, but then again it is also silky smooth which gets absorbed pretty quickly. "restore" retails for US$120 for 0.5 oz (15 ml)

and then there's the new product "quench", which i've been using it day and night! i love it that it doesn't make your lips look artificially glossy which just looks wrong on a guy. i love "quench", and gave 2 away to 2 of my readers too! "quench" retails for US$15 for 0.15 oz (4.7 grams)

i honestly am impressed with their products, if you're keen you can find out more from, they do ship internationally.

yes we love pampering. we don't want to carry the latest IT bag and look like a wrinkled prune do we?


  1. I'm a sucker for good skin products, and it sounds like they were. However, US$120 for moisturizer is still a little steep. Even for my taste.

    I swear by Clarins for Men Moisture Balm. It is amazing...and it's only about US$25

  2. tempting... must try.... must click on order form...

    but seriously, these are all 'day' products?

  3. Great overview ! !
    I honestly am impressed with this products.I must click on order form...

  4. foreigner: yea the products are premiumly priced, but the notes suggested a lot of high end ingredients used. Eg the almond smell i spoke about, it actually comes naturally from the antioxidant, spin trap, they use in their products.

    bb: i am stumbled as i have no differentiation in my routine be in day or night cream. i used these day and night and they seemed fine to me.

    lipo: stunning username, yes order lol!


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