Friday, 1 May 2009

april recap

here's what i contributed to the retail index for april:

marc jacobs mount street london tee

marc jacobs leather key ring

marc jacobs patent leather card case (as a present)

signed copy of juergen teller marc jacobs advertising 1998 - 2009

ally capellino for tate canvas tote bag

diesel silk scarf (as a present)

diesel distressed canvas and leather zip pouches (as presents)

diesel distressed denims

total spent: £211. haven't i done well! but, i think the month of may might be a different story *gulp*

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  1. i started keeping my purchases in an excel sheet. im thankful it's a new month!! april was pretty out of control. and a good amount of it hasnt even been shipped out yet!!

    i like those diesel zip pouches. they'd make nice gifts.

  2. I agree I like the diesel pouches and the jeans too, ive been looking for some light washed jeans.

    Has anyone heard of the website well ive been looking at their stuff and I am finding it hard to tell if they are real LV goods could anyone help?

  3. I love your red AE !!its sweet! how did you apply for that ?

  4. Harpal stay away from that site. It's definitely fake.

  5. Once again, good looking out on the opening of the MJ store in Mayfair. I'm so happy I got me one of the double decker t-shirts in a white!

  6. Hi Mate,

    Its me(Dress to kill).... LOL !! By the way how much did u get your diesel canvas pouches for? I'm thinking of getting it for coins ... or any other brands that you can intro? ... Cheers !!!

    Bryan :D

  7. m: the red AE is a charity card as part of project red. see more here:

    bryan: the diesel pouches are samples, i literally paid a token sum for them. coin pouches? i did a post previously, see if if helps here:

  8. do i need to have income to apply for the card..cause i am still an uni. student in London.


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