Friday, 22 May 2009

artcurial 'jewelry & watches' auction

back on tuesday, parisian auction house "artcurial" held a 'jewelry & watches' auction, where 496 exquisite lots were up for bids. i actually took the plunge, and placed 2 bids. rather impulsive i would say, and this marked my first foray into a proper auction.

i placed a bid on this gorgeous jaeger lecoultre mechanical watch from the 1950s. i really really love the look, and i know that their watches last a lifetime so with some TLC this watch would still go for miles. the auction guided price was a very conservative €500 - €800. a brand new jaeger lecoultre watch starts at 10 times that price. i've always always wanted a vintage watch, and being a novice at this game i bid a somewhat paltry €850. the watch however was sold to the highest bidder for €1,658, which in my humble opinion is worth every penny paid. (that price was including fees and taxes, the highest bidder would have bid €1,300 for the watch)

no ifs and buts when it comes to auctions, but if i can turn back time i would pay €1,658 for it. i hope it goes to a good home.

i also bid on a vintage jaeger lecoultre travelling clock with a lizard leather case.
the leather appeared to be in a good condition, whilst the metal edges were slightly tarnished but still having lots of character. i should have asked for more photos, but i was impatient and wanted to bid on it. my friend bought a very similar vintage travelling clock last year in paris, but it was "jaeger lecoultre for hermes". it looked similar, and i was rather smitten by hers. i think the clock's mechanical, and if it works properly there should also be an alarm function.

the auction estimate was an unbelievable €50 - €150. it sold for €408, which if i work backwards (fees and taxes were 27.508% of hammer price) the bid should be €320, which was what i bid. however i received no emails nor phonecalls so i am unsure if i am the winning bidder or not. i hope it's not the case where another earlier online bid came in at the same price and takes precedence. i tried calling them all day, and didn't realise it was a holiday in france today. so... more waiting.

and then there's the "vintage hermes" auction which ended on wednesday where i placed four bids and am eagerly awaiting their results.

i am very excited!! i love vintage, i love auctions!!


  1. ok bit late, but can someone translate this for me?

    "Belle pendulette réveil de voyage, cadran deux tons crème et argent avec index et chiffres arabes appliqués. Gainerie Lézard bordeaux. Mouvement mécanique 8 jours. Haut 11 cm. "

    i deduce it's a travel clock with lizard leather heh!

  2. i cant get word for word: beautiful travel clock, but silver with arabic numerals, bordeaux colored lizard, 8 day mechanical movt, and 11 cm high. is also part of the description. and i did that w/o a translator promise.

  3. I like the watch! It's a very good ending price. I would pay that for the watch!

  4. I've got 5 bids for hermès vintage and i'm waiting too

  5. I love vintage! Both watches are lovely.

  6. brieuc: results are out, did you win any lots??


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